Essential Self-Care in Uncertain Times

"Know how to take the best care of yourself, while giving to others." Special offer for each course: $59.00. (Regular each @ $99.00)

Barbara Halcrow

Barbara Halcrow

Barbara Halcrow received her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Manitoba, Canada. Barbara counselled and facilitated education and healing groups in: domestic violence, sexual abuse, mental health and addictions. Barbara Halcrow also spent 15 years with Vancouver Coastal Health where she held leadership roles across the acute care, community and rehabilitation sectors, in working with people with chronic diseases, disabilities, geriatric issues, and in protecting vulnerable adults from forms of neglect and abuse. Being naturally empathic and interested in spiritual development, Barbara studied at Arthur Findlay College in England, and the Melchizedek Method from Australia. She is also certified in Reiki healing. In 2019, Barbara Halcrow also completed medical intuition training from the International College of Medical Intuition Inc. in BC, Canada. Barbara believes that by practicing gratitude, and in offering ourselves more compassion and loving care, we increase our overall health and we gain in our personal clarity and awareness. By doing so, we begin to create swifter, more positive changes within our lives, and we are better able to uplift those around us.

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maryne hachey

This was an amazing course, full of information and beautiful calming energy that no matter what stage you are in your Spiritual Journey can grow and benefit from. As a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer with over 30 yr experience, I highly recommend this course!

Wonderful course,

Anett Manering

Wonderful course, informative and inspiring. The downloads were very helpful and easy to understand. The content covers guidance for every area in life. So thrilled to have the chance to participate. Thank you Barbara.

Take the time to make yourself healthy and happy...we are worth it!

Cyndi Ingle

In this time of Covid-19 we are all worried about our families, our friends and the world in general. This online course will give you the tools to de-stress, strengthen your mental health and learn how to practice gratitude for the positive aspects of your life. Lead by Barbara Halcrow the course is easy to follow and includes many extra downloads to review at your leisure. This course will benefit everyone as we each have aspects of our self-care that we need to work on. Even those of us who think we are strong and able to cope can benefit from hearing that we are not alone and that Barbara Halcrow and her guidance are here for us. Thank you Barbara for another important resource to get us all through these troubling times.

Excellent Course


This course will help anyone in any walk of life.

title says it all

Janit Bianic

As an adult educator this hands on go at your own pace course allowed me to stop and renegotiate my priorities. now I realize I need to shore up my boundaries. Thx, Barbara

Self-care is important if we want to be our best selves.

Jan Nanson

As women, wives and mothers we often put ourselves last. But in order to be as effective in all areas of our lives as we would wish to be, it is important to take care of ourselves. A subconscious attitude that self care equals selfishness undermines our goals.